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I have plenty of clients that hate yoast and like the Idea of SmartCrawl, But if they have more then 100 posts its just not worth the cost of changing over all the SEO Keywords, Titles, and meta Tags Manually. Most Clients won't foot the bill. If you guys added a Export and Import feature to SmartCrawl for other SEO plugins like Yoast it would be a game changer.

    • James Farmer
      • CEO (of WPMU DEV, honest)

      Chris I was gonna say that lol :smiley:

      Especially the bit about hating Yoast :wink: Sorry, ahem, I meant disliking the plugin.

      Can you help with a couple of improvements:

      – Was there a reason you thought we didn’t have it?

      – What stopped it from being perfect? How can we improve that?

      Cheers, James

  • Chris
    • Multimedia Yoda

    Well off the top of my head I would say its not obvious where to find it at first, and it doesn’t tell you weather to have yoast active or not. So I have tried it on two sites testing.

    What I saw was if the posts only have one keyword it works just fine. Although you have no idea whats its doing during the import process if you have a large site until its done.

    On my second site test they are running Yoast pro with Multiple keywords per page and I am not sure that one imported correctly. Still trying to track down the bugs. This site is also running DIVI which seems to have imported the meta if it was put in Yoast but if it wasn’t put in – then it pulls divi html into the meta. But I think that is a known SmartCrawl Bug you guys are working on with DIVI. I see that with new installs on Divi sites too from the Divi Editor Framework.

    Feature Wise:

    If I could change one thing: if smartcrawl gave you a report at the end showing you what was imported/updated that would help you diag or know if it imported correctly.

    Let me know if you need anymore details.

    Cheers Chris

  • Hassan Akhtar
    • Developer

    Hi @chris84807. I’m one of the developers working on SC. I worked on the importers quite a bit so I’m very interested in hearing your feedback.

    We know that the process is a bit opaque at the moment. The idea was to get the importer out as soon as possible and build on it in subsequent releases. Some of the things that are already in the pipeline include a progress bar that gives the user some idea as to what’s going on, as well as a brief report at the end.

    As for the difficulty you had in finding the importer, notices are shown throughout the admin area whenever there’s some data to be imported and these notices take you to the importers. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve upon this.

  • Chris
    • Multimedia Yoda

    Thanks James Farmer

    hassan aka Hassan Akhtar

    So that is great news on the updates, I totally agree with launching it as is to get user going and updating the interface later on.

    However you commented that you see notices about importing data, I have not seen any of these. Could you tell me where they should be showing up? And Do they Only Show up if you have Yoast activated at the time. I am wondering why I have not seem them.

  • Chris
    • Multimedia Yoda

    So I tried to install SmartCrawl to replace Yoast on a live install and it worked even worse then on staging. We now have a flurry of PHP errors and other loading issues, this was leaving Yoast ON for import. Now if I turn off smart crawl the site runs like a champ.

    With it on I can’t get Divi to load or modify anything like a menu now.

    Where should I look first?

  • Chris
    • Multimedia Yoda

    Update: I connected with Luis Lopes From the Support team and he help me run some test on the php errors and we found some related to Monarch now, we have disabled monarch and are continuing to test. Now the PHP errors have stopped for the moment.

    So there seems to be a Plugin Conflict With “Monarch Social Media Plugin”

    Keep you posted.

  • Chris
    • Multimedia Yoda

    So there hasn’t been any additional updates right?

    So I post my issues here or in a new thread?

    This is what I learned…

    So I seem to see alot of usage between the Divi Builder and smart crawl fighting over the available ram. And a Ton of Ajax requests are going to the server as a result of them. Is that normal behavior for Smart Crawl?

    For example, I noticed that smart-crawl runs a seo check as your typing in the keyword for it to run its SEO Self Test and page analytics check. The issue is it doesn’t wait for you to click refresh. This run before we finish typing the word in 99% of the time. So it Locks the field and starts refreshing on what is normally the wrong or UN-finished keyword. Once the test runs we can correct it if we move quickly and the test runs again.

    – Is there a way to turn off those Ajax requests from running before we click refresh? my opinion they are both requesting to much but is there a easy way for me to better diagnose if these are PHP conflicts with import conflicts?

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