SmartCrawl settings for subsites

We are running a WordPress multisite network and have installed the Pro version of Smartcrawl.
Our current problem is, right now Smartcrawl settings, for instance Title & Meta, the template is set up to affect all of the sites.
But we need to set up templates that impact things more granularly; a site by site basis.
Will working with the Site Owner Permissions option gives us that capability?
We need to control the templates for each subsite, or group of subsites. Not have all the subsites governed by the top level network.
For instance, using Opengraph, if we have a default image set up, that image will be what's linked out, even if that image is not relevant. The default image set up is unique to Site A, but a user is linking a post from Site B, but it has Site A's branding.
So, can we set things up on our end so that Site A and Site B each have their own unique featured image, tags, etc.
It seems like turning off the options under Site Owner Permissions will do it, but I'm not sure the effect that would have or give the desired outcome.