[SmartCrawl] Sitemap 404

I'm using SmartCrawl sitemap but it is returning a 404 error. My server runs on Apache. We tried a full plugin conflict test but that didn't help. We also tried resetting .htaccess. Please advice.

  • Sanowar Prince
    • Staff

    Hi Chris,

    I am sorry to know that you are having a problem while using SmartCrawl.

    I had a closer look on your issue and found that you were actually using incorrect URL to access sitemap.

    The original sitemap URL is https://www.st****ch.com/sitemap.xml which could be found on wp-admin > SmartCrawl > Sitemap > Sitemap section.

    But you are using sitemap URL https://www.st****ch.com/sitemap.xml/. As you have pretty permalink enabled and your URL has a trailing slash so WP is detecting your URL as a page. But as that page doesn’t really exist so it’s showing 404 Not Found.

    I tested the original URL I mentioned above and it worked on my end. Could you please check that URL on your end and see if that works for you as well?

    Best regards,

  • Chris
    • New Recruit

    It works now -- from the user end but google can't read it for some reason -- see below for error message from Google Search Console:

    Sitemap can be read, but has errors
    Parsing error
    1 instance
    We were unable to read your Sitemap. It may contain an entry we are unable to recognize. Please validate your Sitemap before resubmitting.
    Line 1

    This occurs even after clearing cache and the URL that Google is looking at does not contain the / at the end.

    This does not occur for the other sites that we are using this tool for.
    Thanks for your assistance.

  • Sanowar Prince
    • Staff

    Hi Chris,

    After checking the source code of your sitemap I found it was cached by Hummingbird and a comment was inserted at the beginning of sitemap to indicate it as cached file.

    As that comment isn’t originally a part of sitemap so it seems that is causing the issue. I excluded sitemap.xml file from Hummingbird cache. You could find it on wp-admin > Hummingbird Pro > Caching > Page Caching > Exclusions.

    Could you please try on Google Search Console again to see if the issue is solved? Please let us know if the issue still exist so we could investigate further on this.

    Best regards,

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