SmartCrawl URL crawler not working.

SmartCrawl URL crawler not working and keeps saying 'Your SEO crawl has timed out ...'

Please check and help.

  • Pawel
    • Staff

    G'day Phillip!

    I hope you're well today and thank you for reaching out to us!

    I see the Sitemap Crawl is now completing (I ran a test crawl and it completed successfully). I went to see why you were having issues and here's what I dicovered that may affect Crawling your website:

    1. Checked website availability at - in my case the site showed as inaccessible (this doesn't mean the site is down, only that the scan time ran out).
    2. Ran a Google Page Speed Insights scan at - which returned information that your server took more than 6 seconds to respond with first byte. That's a lot.

    Please see attached screenshots.

    Both of those scans reveal information about the response time of your website that may cause our services to timeout due to exceeding of time limits. Sometimes your server may respond faster, so the Crawl is able to complete in the time limit. At other times, like when the server is serving more visitors, the response time increases above a certain threshold and gets cancelled.

    Fixing this (I recommend doing so, as slow page speed affects your position in Google search results) may require switching to a different server. You can also have some luck with plugins like our Hummingbird which can decrease page load time.

    Kind regards,

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