SMTP without SSL/TLS Supported Server

I am on a hosting plan that doesn't support TLS/SSL and I need to use SMTP. Gmail, Yahoo, did not work.

I need a free SMTP provider that doesn't require use of TLS/SSL. I've been looking all over, but can't find one.

Could someone post some suggestions?

UPDATE: At least, I think that's what the issue is. I am using Easy Wordpress SMTP with the following settings:
From Email Address:
From Name: Signed_Up
SMTP Host:
Type of Encryption + Port: I tried using "SSL" and port "465" & combination of "TLS" and port "587", but neither of them worked.
SMTP Authentication: Yes
Password: [insertmypasswordhere]

I tried this many times (double-checked credentials) and tried the popular WP Mail SMTP plugin, too. Results were the same and never worked.