Smush Choose Directory Doesn't See Sub-dirs

Hi Gurus,

I just ran a Hummingbird test on this site and it indicates that there are a few images that need to be smushed. When I go to Smush screen and scan it reports there are no images to smush?

How is it that Hummingbird identifies images that need optimizing and Smush doesn't report the same thing?

Second, the images reported by Hummingbird are reportedly in the Uploads folder. However, the directory structure displayed by smush doesn't show any of the child folders where the images might be, and it doesn't show any images. The images should be in Uploads>2017>02|03.

Am I doing something wrong/misunderstanding something? If Smush is monitoring 2017>01 then why is there an image in there that needs optimizing? I'm confused.

Please advise. Thank you kindly,

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Shannon Routley,

    Smush targets the standard WP media folders by default, that's why you don't see them in that Directory Smush option, as that is for if you have custom folders with images you would like to smush :slight_smile:

    Now, for the images that it still says needs compressing. It's actually the re-sizing that they still need. Google reports two different issues with images:


    "Compressing and Resizing"

    Smush resolves the first one, but if the second one still shows up then it means that you have images that are larger in width/height than the placeholder they are being added too.

    Looking at your site, it appears the thumbnails are part of the issue:

    Often Themes will add an image size for situations like this so it will make a version of the image that will fit in a common placeholder the theme uses instead of loading the full size and scaling it. It doesn't look like your theme has that, you could ask the theme developer about that just in-case :slight_smile:

    Assuming that is the "featured image" of your posts, you won't want to re-size it manually and reupload because then it will ruin the quality of the image on the single post page. So I'd just ask the theme developer if they have any solutions for that.

    Hope that helps! If you have further questions just let us know.


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