Smush isn't smushing originals - and its Pro

I have WP Smush Pro and and smushed everything including originals. But I am still getting tons of HEAVY images on my site. This is the first banner - its not resizing or compressing - 2.9MB.

I have max width on 2048 but it still comes up at 7484?×?2886.

I attached a screen shot of my settings.

Divi is my theme.

  • Milan

    Hello Adam

    Welcome to our Community :slight_smile:

    Hope you are well today and thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    I just tested new option of resizing image thumbnail on upload and its working fine for me. Moreover I checked that image in your Media Library and there are Smush stats attached to it which shows that image is already smushed well. Please take a look at this screenshots.

    Furthermore you have kept option Make a copy of my original images on which basically creates backup copy of your have uploaded image by postfixing image name( without extension ) with .back word.

    So would you please let me know where you are using that image so I can test there too. ?


  • Adam

    So I done all that and smushed everything - but I also select smush the original.
    When I go to my site:
    I inspect element of the first slider pic and it is still pulling the original even though I said compress the originals:

    So instead of the original being compressed, its still showing 2.4MB 7484?×?2886

    I even put 10x smush on and set max width to 2048 and compress original but still getting 2.4MB 7484?×?2886 if you look at whats actually loading.

    Sure the stats say certain renditions are compressed, but my theme seems to be calling the original which is not compressed even though I set the setting to do so.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Adam!

    I just checked your site and the image you linked to in your recent post is 2000 pixels wide when checking in media library. It does however look like the file names were "reverted" between copy and the original so the theme is still fetching the one that originally was there (the "copy of an original") and not the smushed one.

    I just tested that on my own test setup again and just like Milan I wasn't able to replicate it. I'm sorry this got "messed up" at your site, the "resize" feature of WP Smush Pro is still fairly new and although it was extensively tested it's possible that a "glitch" like this one may occur.

    I already consulted this with testers and also contacted plugin's developer about it. It seems that the slider on your site is picking up the original (not "resized" original) file but I admit it's something I'll need to get checked by developer.

    Please keep an eye on this thread for further information.

    Best regards,

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