smush it pro very long waiting time

I just bought premium membership just for Smush it pro.
I tried to smush my images and found out I have to wait 5 day and 14 hours for that.
Will it be like that every time for every single image?
Don't you think you should have mentioned the extremely long waiting time?
Instead of alerting the buyers about the issue all the ads do is glorify the smush it pro servers!

very unhappy right now.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Maor!

    We're experiencing some issues with the Smush server, due to an unusually high number of simultaneous requests. It should resolve itself shortly. The best course of action here is to give it a few hours or overnight, then the Smushing should resume as planned. The wait times on most any other day are much less drastic, you happened to sign up on one of the busiest days we've had with Smush.

    I'm sincerely sorry for the frustration here, you should see some results soon, and in a much shorter span of time than you're seeing on your WordPress dashboard.

    Thanks for your patience and reporting in.

  • Johnathan

    As I mentioned before in another post we have the same exact concern, we shouldn't have to wait hours or days to smush a few images, every other plugin does it in moments but yours does it in hours or day which is not realistic when developing and maintaining a website.

    The worse part is that we have to pay to use this product and then have to wait unrealistic amounts of time to be able to use the product we paid for.

  • Umesh Kumar

    Hi @Johnathan, @Maor,

    The wait time is for only bulk smushing and not the Single smushing or Auto smushing.

    So if you are uploading any new images, and you've kept the auto smushing on, it'll be optimised within moments.

    Bulk smush have wait times, because a single bulk request may contains upto 3,000 - 12,000 images
    and considering if it takes even 2 seconds to optimise a image, that adds up to 1.5 hour atleast for one bulk smush. And each request is queued up, and processed when the previous one finishes.

    Smush pro is quite simple to use, you just have to send the request and leave the website for normal usage, you don't have to be logged in for the smushing, which is the best part about it.

    And when we are done optimising the huge 3000-12,000 images for you, you get an email and you can fetch it back in merely an hour or so.

    And 5 days here is the estimated time, most of the time it is much faster considering the number of members that have opted for bulk smushing.


  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Maor,

    Just to let you know here, we've released an update today to WP Smush Pro that improves the smushing speed a lot!

    If you haven't seen the update yet, you'll want to go to:

    WPMU DEV -> Updates

    And click on the "Update Now" link at the bottom of the page (see first screenshot below).

    Then, once you've updated, you'll want to go to:

    Media -> WP Smush Pro

    And if a bulk smush is already in progress, you'll now see a prompt like the one seen in the 2nd screenshot below.

    Just go through the process of resetting the smush request, and once you've done that, you'll be all set to use the new, faster API. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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