Smush made the photo optimization score in HummingBird worse!

Hi there WPMUDEV, I need some help with Hummingbird and Smush. So, yesterday I installed HummingBird and Smush, and today I decided to do a bulk-smush. After doing the bulk smush, and completing it, it actually DECREASED my score in photo optimization in hummingbird. I have no clue what went wrong, or if this is just a weird bug. Anways, thanks for helping!
PS. I already granted acces via my dashboard!
- Lucas

  • Milan

    Hello Lucas,

    Hope you are well today and won't mind me chiming in. :slight_smile:

    I thought you first said, Hummingbird is showing low stats in Image Optimisation after you bulk smushed images. ? :confused: Now you are saying, its showing score increased by four.

    Anyway, I can see that both plugin did their best on your site, so it should be something else causing site slow down. I noticed few JavaScript errors in my browser's console while checking your site. Please find those listed in screenshot attached below.

    As you can see, those are 500 Internal Server Errors which means something is causing issue on your server which in turns causing Internal Server Error. Now this 500 Internal Server Error is very less documented one.

    So let's start our debugging with debug mode enabled. Open wp-config.php file of your site,

    >> Change this line,

    define( "WP_DEBUG", false ) ;

    >> with these ones,

    define( "WP_DEBUG", true ) ;
    define( "WP_DEBUG_LOG", true ) ;
    define( "WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY", false ) ;

    Access your site one more time, Wait till full load. After that, go to /wp-content/ folder of your site, find file named debug.log, change its extension from ".log" to ".txt" and finally attached it in your next post here.

    Hopefully we will get something in it. :slight_smile:
    Best Regards,

  • Lucas

    Oh, hi there Milan, I am sorry for not responding for so long, I was busy with a client :S

    Anyways, I'll go ahead and do what you said :slight_smile: I'll keep you updated!

    PS. About that score: Yeah, that's the weirdest thing about it! Somehow my images' score got worse, but my total score of HummingBird (so the total of the whole website), got better by four! I think this could also be because of something else that Hummingbird did though.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Lucas,

    I had a look at your site and wanted to update you a bit about the optimizing reports for your images.

    Google page speed test has two reports for image optimization.
    ?1. Losslessly compressing - This one's is telling that image can be optimized and that's what smushing does.
    ?2. Compressing and resizing - This shows that the images are resized via HTML and CSS

    The second one is what's shown in your results and that's because your theme is loading larger thumbnails in smaller HTML holder.
    For example, on page /juniorjurist-hoofdpagina-niet-corrupt/ page the frog image is 851x1000 pixels while the actual holder is 210x238.

    Unfortunately this is not something Smush can deal with since the code is written in the way to call the larger image, and even though the image is compressed google doesn't like loading image larger than its holder, so this is something you need to check with the theme setup.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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