Smush original file only when it is small


is there a way to smush original file only on demand?

I have "smush original no" in settings of WP Smush Pro. Nearly all of my files are huge (3000x3000 etc.) so I use thumbnails everywhere. But sometimes I want to add specifically sized image to post or page - for example original is 263x263px and I want to place it in same size. This size is not thumbnail size and it is not smushed because it is original. But SEO tools and Google still see this picture and they know it is not compressed. How to compress such pictures too?


  • Patrick

    Hi there Jiri

    I hope you're having a great day!

    Yes, you can certainly smush images individually. Select any image in your Media Library and you'll see a Smush Now button in the right sidebar:

    If you're running a single site install of WordPress and want to also disable automatic smushing of all images so you have full control, go to Media > WP Smush and disable Automatically smush my images on upload.

  • Jiri


    I need this:
    smush original image file for only one image if in WP Smush settings is "do not smush original images".

    It is really usefull - some images are smaller than the biggest thumbnail and then you need to use original image file on your page. But it is not smushed because of settings. And change settings not fit other images.

    Is it possible? Or can you add this feature in future?


  • Patrick

    Hi again Jiri

    I'm afraid I don't quite understand the need for an additional feature. What you have described fits perfectly with the option to smush individual images as I indicated above in the 1st screenshot.

    Smushing does not resize the physical dimensions of the image; it simply compresses the image file so the filesize is smaller.

    For example, some image sizes on my test site are as follows:
    thumbnail (150x150)
    medium (300x300)
    large (1024x1024)

    But I can upload an image that isn't any of those sizes, for example 120x52, and smush it. It will still be 120x52, and I can add that image at that size anywhere.

    Try it out: smush one of your uncommonly sized images, and you'll see the physical dimensions stay the same. When you want to add that newly-smushed image to a post or page by clicking the Add Media button, you'll see an option to add the Full Size image.

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