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Every time I run the hummingbird pro test for performance, the results indicate that there are many images that need to be compressed, however, when I go to smush pro, it indicates that all my images have been smushed. My page speed scored look awful at the moment and I don't know how to resolve this, aside from manually fixing every image which is not an option as it will take too much of my time. Please advise as to how to best fix this issue. Please see below for the screenshot link

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    Hello there Asher ,

    hope you're doing good today and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    From your screenshot we can see that all reported images need, apart from getting "compressed", also to be "resized". The compression is what Smush does, but it doesn't actually change images' dimensions.

    It seems though, that the reported images are much larger (in dimensions) comparing to the actual container that wraps them in frontend. So, for example, if an 1000*1000px image is being loaded in a 200*200px container, then HummingBird (and other crawlers like Google) sees that you're spending more time to load a unnecessary large image, so proposes to resize it to match the dimensions of the actual container.

    Tip: if you scan your site with, you will also see the container size of the reported images.

    You could then either resize (scale down) or crop them, to match the proper size.
    Here's how you can do that directly from WP admin area:

    Keep in mind that these are the full-size images though, so if the same images are used in other places, for example in a single post template, then you will also scale down these too.
    In order to surpass that, you should edit homepage template to load smaller thumbnail versions of images, instead of the full-size ones. As this may get trickier, I'd rather advise to contact theme author about it, as this is more of a design issue.

    Warm regards,

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