[Smush Pro] Conflict Smush Pro on CHROME and an essential plugin for me

Hello, sorry for my english (i’m french !) – We sell bicycle and the customer can customize with a configurator. The plugin i use is CONFIGURATOR and they’re is a conflict with Smush Pro on CHROME only…. it seems the page have nos css working… it works fine on Firefox and Safari…. When i disabled Smush Pro its work fine on Chrome, but images disapeard of course. No problem with Safari. Can you help me ? I contact Sharif on chat saturday, he told me to disabled Lazy Load beacause conflict, but i didn’t check on Chrome… look at https://unitedcruiser.com/produit/hermitage-design and clic on the red button… On Firefox and Safari it’s ok…. but no with Chrome – I hope you can understand my language ! so sorry :slight_smile: