Smush Pro hung up after less than 1/3 of images processed

I just installed Smush Pro and had it bulk compress my existing images. We have 1404 on the server.

It got to 357 files about an hour ago and now it's just sitting there saying "Smushing in Progress" However it hasn't budged from 357 for over an hour.

Is this normal with a large number of images?


Bob Patterson

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @bob85, Michael here!

    In this case, the hangup appears to be your 1.jpg image, with an ID of 5024 (which happens to be a 7 MB image). Whenever I try smushing it, I keep running into a 500 Internal Server Error. I'm able to smush other images though, I tested with a couple of other images on your site.

    Now, usually, when it comes to something like this, I'd advise doing a regeneration of the thumbnails (via a plugin like Force Regenerate Thumbnails), as that tends to do the trick... but in your case, when I try doing that with this particular image, I'm seeing this outputted on the page (also shown in the attached screenshot below):

    function (){if(h){var d=h.length;!function f(b){m.each(b,function(b,c){var d=m.type(c);"function"===d?a.unique&&k.has(c)||h.push(c):c&&c.length&&"string"!==d&&f(c)})}(arguments),b?e=h.length:c&&(g=d,j(c))}return this}

    One thing I noticed though, is that WordPress is presently allocated 96M of memory, I'd want to try increasing that first, by inserting the following define into your site's wp-config.php:

    define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );

    And if that doesn't get this working, then I'd try doing a conflict test, as we lay out on our Getting Support page:

    Kind Regards,

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