[Smush Pro] Image resize for WooCommerce

There's a feature that is in big demand in our industry, image resizing with a set color background.

Here is the scenario. you're building a store, your client sends you images of all sizes. Yes there is Photoshop, but who wants to organize the pics before being able to batch process them? Plus receive images from the client for multiple suppliers, and you can forget about having all images being the right size. Makes the store look…… messy. So, the plugin will edit the WooCommerce Product images ONLY. Turns them all into let's say 1000 x 1000 and fills the BG with whatever color you chose. Want to make it more customizable? Let us chose the BG color based on categories (let's say a certain supplier sent images with a black BG while others were white). Awesome.

There was a plugin available, but it was removed and the people behind it are turning it into a Cloud Service. They're not a big group like WPMUDev, so it may be a while before it is launched. But at the same time, bigger companies take longer to make decisions :-p

Honestly it's not that complicated. :smiley: and it can be of great value for current customers, and maybe even brgin in new ones because no else offers this!

Here's a plugin that does it but not updated. Needs to be tweaked and you're good to go :smiley:


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