Smush Pro images does not sincronize with CDN used by WPENGINE


I have used Smush Pro to smush all my images in order to improve the speed of my site. But when I check again the load time, I see that there are some images not optimized. So when I see the images needed to be optimized (I have used Google PageSpeed and Hummingbird), I realized that I have images in the CDN that are not the same (the are not smushed) as in the wp folder.
Google Page Speed:

Example of image needed to be optimized: Al comprimir o modificar el tamaño de puedes ahorrarte 5,6 KB (un 65 % menos).

Image already optimized:

I have tried several time to clear cache in WpEngine but I continue with the same problem. Any idea about what's happening here?

Thank you and best regards!