Smush pro issue with nonimages


I joined for smush pro because my site is quiet large and wanted to
Optimise all images, it started off good but it has now halted for days stuck on images that are not present, it just keeps listing hindreafs of images that don't exist Error, How can I get it to skip these nor even delete these and optimise the images that do exist.

Try and see

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  • Michael
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Well I was suggest you get WPMU Support to look at it, just without publicly leaking your pass.

    I'm like you, a website developer, not actual WPMU who created the plugin. It would appear however some others have ask similar questions (in regards to remote access images causing issues with Smush trying to compress them). So perhaps they need to check and apply a patch to the plugin itself?

    If they aren't remote images and just locally hosted under your Wordpress uploads folder. Perhaps, use a FTP Client (FlashFXP or similar) and check the CHMOD file/folder permissions on the ones it's successful vs the ones which failed. Some FTP Client will let you do this just by right-click the file or folder and selecting "Attributes (CHMOD)".

    Folders CHMOD should be: 755
    Files CHMOD should be: 644

    These are the permissions for who's allowed access (user / group / public):

    For example: If one (or more) of the folders or files restricted out group access, then the Smush plugin might be denied access to it.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Peter,

    If you have broken images in your media library Smush will still try to process the file until it's sure it's a broken one before skipping it, so I'm afraid there's no workaround for that without removing the broken files so that Smush doesn't try to process them.

    Also, as Michael suggested already (thanks for jumping in @michaeljblyth) when opening a thread make sure that you don't include any login details and use support access in WPMU DEV Dashboard instead:

    Best regards,

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