[Smush Pro] Lazy load and CDN cause major issues

Lazy load and CDN cause major issues.

On one site, dev.blaircomm.us, the “Lazy Load” feature caused essential parts of the portfolio images to dissappear—they do not load. Disabling this feature seems to help—but I have not tested all the pages yet.

On the other site, wattcommstage.wpengine.com, using the CDN feature corrupterd the structure of the whole site. It affected the PHP structural code, the font loading substituting other fonts for loaded Google fonts and messed with the image structure. This feature does not work with WordPress websites in my tests. I have not fully vetted the whole site without this feature yet as I had to resore it from scratch.

I will test all structures and features against the Google benchmarks for before and after.

We develop WP websites. I would like feedback from you as I think you software might be beneficial overall — especially rhe CDN aspect, but it doesn’t all work for me. The payment begins on 17 Jan, so I want to resolve it before then.

Thank you.

— Michael Blair