[Smush Pro] Lazy Loading interfering with the navigation logo

Hi there,

I contacted Beaver Builder over this issue, given that I use their theme, and they discovered that Lazy Loading was causing the particular issue. Here’s their response;

Can you try disabling the lazy loading feature on images and see if it fixes the issue?

The theme grabs the height of the logo on page load and assigns that as the max-height of the logo, then reduces it on scroll to achieve the shrink feature. With lazy load activated, there is no image available initially on page load, causing the theme to grab a height of 1px resulting to the issue. :slight_smile:

I’ve currently disabled Lazy Loading and it is now working but it would be preferable if Lazy Loading would still work.

I’ve granted Support Access to the site and would appreciate it if you could take a look at how this might be resolved. Is there a conflict in the code that could be rectified is there a way to exclude certain images?

Looking forward to hearing from you.