[Smush Pro] Managing images on two sites using the same S3 folder

I cloned a site from one server to another and so they both point to the same media library on AWS S3.

Will smush have a problem managing images files? Can 2 or more Smush Pro’s working from different WordPress sites manage files without lockups and redundant actions with one S3 destination?

Please advice.

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Lee,

    What Smush Pro plugin does is optimize images uploaded to the Media Library, and it’s gets uploaded to the AWS storage via the WP Offload plugin during after the smush process.

    Smush Pro doesn’t specifically manage files specifically in the AWS side, and shouldn’t have any issues in general when one S3 destination is used.

    Are you noticing any issues in your side regarding this? Please do enable support access, and let us know if you notice any error messages so that we could give a closer look if needed.



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