Smush Pro not Progressing

I initiated Smush Pro last night and it has been running for 14+ hours, #1 the smushing in progress wheel is spinning however the completion bar is not moving at all (don't know if it should) does this seem right or possible ? I'm afraid to end or close out the window.....

"WP Smush Pro


Smush images on upload PRO FEATURES
Smush Original ImageSuper-Smush images (Lossy Image Compression)Enable NextGen Gallery integrationBackup Original Images (Will nearly double the size of your Uploads Directory)
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Smush in Bulk

Please be aware, smushing a large number of images can take a while depending on your server and network speed. You must keep this page open while the bulk smush is processing, but you can leave at any time and come back to continue where it left off.

Reduced by 100.78 MB ( 56.09% )
68 of 571 total attachments have been smushed

Smushing in Progress
You can also smush images individually from your Media Library."