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Hi there.

We are looking at using Smush Pro for, but they have said they used a compression tool in the past and the quality was reduced too much.

So my question is: if we try it and they are unhappy, how easy it is to switch it off, and use the original server versions of the images – pre-Smushed. What's the process for doing that?

  • Kris
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    Hi Simon

    Hope you are doing good today.

    Smush have additional feature called “Store a copy of my full size images“.

    After this one is enabled you can start Smush your images, and you will be able to restore image/s at any time from main WordPress Library in your dashboard.

    So after you Smush all images they should have less weight. Please note that “Store a copy of my full size images” feature make a copy of your original files and can significantly increase the size of your uploads folder by nearly twice as much. Those backups of images does not display on site. They just take additional disk space.

    Another option will be a full site backup before you Smush all those images, so if at any point your client say that images looks bad you will be able to restore site.

    You can try in this case our Snapshot plugin which allow not only to backup full site but also choose which folder to backup (for ex. uploads).

    Hope this help :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,


  • Simon
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    Hi there. I know about the copy – I’m trying to establish how to ‘switch’ it so you suddenly aren’t using Smush.

    ie we do the smushing and they say “no, it’s just not good for us”. How do I quickly switch the images so they aren’t using Smush (ignoring the caching side for now).

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