Smush Pro reverted to Smush.

I’m now experiencing an issue with all sites where Smush Pro is installed. They have reverted to Smush but the WPMU DEV dashboard shows that Pro is installed.

For some reason, Smush Pro is showing as Smush and prompting me to try/upgrade. Even though it shows as installed.

Deactivating and reinstall it again fix it in one of the sites but now I have to run the config and smush again for the first time. But what caused it? It is going to be time-consuming to log in to each site and do this.

So the purpose of the Hub is to make this simple and efficient. Now I have to log in to each one, deactivate, delete, reinstall and reconfigure then smush.

I just renewed my subscription to WPMU and this is going to cost me money now.

Please help and thoughts on this.