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Before I installed Smush Pro, I ran Feel-Good Teaching through Google Page Speed Insights. It came back with a score of 53, with quite a few issues stemming from my images. Not good!

So I bought this app, installed it, ran it and re-checked Google, and now the score is 35. Why would using Smush degrade the score on Google and how can I fix this?

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  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Kerry,

    When performing page speed tests it's best to do a couple of them and then take the average value because the results can vary, for example, if the site load is hight due to the number of visitors, or you have a backup running in the background that's taking up server resources and affecting your site performance.
    This can affect your score so it can give you unrealistic results, for example, if I check your site now the score is 88 while there are still things that could be further improved.

    The things that are affecting your site speed the most are the images itself and the suggestion in their results is to server next-gen formats and serve properly sized images.
    Both of these can be resolved by enabling Smush CDN and enable Auto-Resize and WebP format options in there.
    Now, do note that it can take a couple of minutes for these option to start being fully functional as the images need to be uploaded to CDN servers, that process will also have a little hit on your server resources, so after the process is finished give your server 10 to 15 minutes to "cool down" before running another test.

    Let us know how it goes and if you have any additional questions.

    Best regards,

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