[Smush Pro] Smush CDN breaks Owl Carousel due to invalid srcset value


I’m having an issue where Owl Carousel is not properly sizing when it contains an image that’s being served by Smush CDN. In the browser console I see the following error:

>Failed parsing ‘srcset’ attribute value since its ‘w’ descriptor is invalid.

>Dropped srcset candidate

And the image URL that’s displayed is a version of the image that’s 0x640 (where 640 is the original height) and the srcset attribute has this as “0w”.

I’m not sure why Smush is adding a 0w version to the srcset of the image, but it might have something to do with being loaded inside a carousel. It might be necessary to add functionality to Smush to specifically prevent adding a 0w version, since it seems to break things.


Edit: This only seems to occur when Lazy Loading is disabled. If Lazy Loading is enabled this doesn’t happen, but the image dimensions seem to be incorrect. Square, maybe? It’s hard to tell because it only appears to affect images off-screen.