Smush Pro throwing errors in admin dashboard

Since the latest WP Smush Pro update, the plugin has been throwing errors/possibly conflicting with other plugins on the admin backends of my sites.

Specifically when the plugin is active and a user tries to 'Add Media' into a WYSIWYG content field, WP does not react/let the user add media, and in the console this error gets thrown:
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'audio' of undefined," which is attributed to the jquery-ui-core.

This error stops occurring as soon as WP Smush Pro is disabled.

List of plugins being used:
- WPMU DEV Dashboard
- Hummingbird
- Smush (error stops occurring when disabled)
- Defender
- ACF Pro
- Admin Editor Pro
- Media Library Categories Pro
- Intuitive Custom Post Order

The themes on each of these sites are custom.

There is a similar problem with the Hummingbird plugin: users are unable to switch between 'Visual' and 'Text' tabs on the WYSIWYG editor while Hummingbird is active.