[Smush Pro] Upgrade pro

I need to upgrade Smush Pro from 2.9 to the latest version. I have to do this through SFTP, not gui interface. What is the proper procedure to make sure our custom settings are retained?
Also, how do I “activate” Smush so that our Pro feature license is applied?

  • Kris
    • Support

    Hi Matt

    Hope you are doing good today.

    The proper procedure to make sure your custom settings are retained:
    1. make full site backup before such update, as this is high jump in plugin version
    2. do not login to WP dashboard
    3. login to ftp and enter /wp-content/plugins/ folder
    4. create folder name “wp-smush-pro_new”
    5. unziped files from current version of Smush Pro (3.3) upload to above folder
    6. rename on ftp “wp-smush-pro” folder to “wp-smush-pro_old”
    7. rename on ftp “wp-smush-pro_new” folder to “wp-smush-pro”
    9. login to WP dashboard and go tu plugins section. You should see that version 3.3 is enabled.
    10. Check you Smush settings are they ok, if so from plugins section you are free to delete Smush 2.9 which is disabled
    11. Review new Smush Pro Features like CDN, lazyload and many more.

    Hope this help.

    Kind Regards,

  • Matt
    • New Recruit

    Thank you, Kris.

    I have done the upgrade, and the new plugin shows up. Note that we have a Multisite WP setup. When I “Network Activate” the Smush Pro plugin, I notice that v3.3 doesn’t seem to have the option on the main screen that disables Network-wide configuration to allow each subsite to configure their own Smush settings. On v2.9 this setting is called “Multisite Control”

    Does that mean in v3.3 I need to NOT Network Activate the entire plugin, but only Activate it on each subsite? Or is there a setting I am missing?


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