[Smush Pro] Usage Tracking setting being ignored

Hi WPMU Dev,

The onboarding feature for Smush and your other plugins has “Allow Usage Tracking” selected by defualt. This should not be the case for EU customers ( like myself ) due to GDPR laws. The reason is that the onboarding process can easily be skipped/ignored and therefore you are allowing “Usage Tracking” without getting explicit consent because you have the option automatically ticked which is against GDPR, this should be unticked by default.

Furthermore, if you complete the onboarding process, save it and have chosen NOT to allow Usage Tracking, the choice is ignored and when the plugin settings are reviewed the “Usage Tracking” setting is enabled even though it was turned off during onboarding.

Turning it off in the plugin settings and clicking save works but this should not need to be checked if the Usage Tracking was turned off during onboarding.

Kind regards,