Smush Pro when dealing with larger projects.

Working with larger Smush Pro queues.

The one I'm almost completed has taken almost a week.

It has 33k images and another site i'm about to start work on has 99k images and a site I have just quoted on has 46k images (car club).

Besides leaving the browser open running single thread is there plan for the plugin to support larger batches when dealing with older established websites.

Whilst the smaller ones this is not an issue but some of these that I deal with from day it's common to find 20-40k of images for product showcases/catalogs/forums/posts.

Page images on their own is small it's mostly the extended items I mention above that build up the image library to the size they are.

Even a local server side advanced option that we could use for the larger sites. I don't see the need for change for the smaller sites this is just focusing on large sites where we want to achieve the same optimisation that we apply to the smaller sites.

Would love your thoughts on this.

Some of these sites I'm work with date back to 2004/2006. Whilst the core and plugins are all new the image files are dating back that far back.

Some are groups, blogs, support groups where the content is still relevant in majority of cases.