[Smush Pro] Why gtmetrix doesnt identify CDN

I have just implemented smush Pro in my site and activated CDN, after 20min it started to work, but GTmetrix stil doesnt idenfity it. Am I missing something? I need to improve the score in GTmetrix due it is a client request.

Thank you,
Leandro andrade

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Leandro

    I hope you’re fine today!

    The Smush CDN is only for images, not entire content of the site. If GTMetrix reports only images then yes, it will help, but you’ll need to actually tell GTMetrix about it.

    It’s not a Smush CDN issue but GTMetrix flaw. It’s not able to detect all CDNs – it only detects some of them and if you know that the CDN is there, active, but GTMetrix doesn’t see it, the solution is:

    – register an account with GTMetrix (the free one would suffice)
    – go to the “User Settings” page and scroll it down to the “Analysis Option”
    – then add


    to the “YSlow CDN Hostnames” option

    – then only test site while being logged in, using this user account.

    This will cause the analysis to actually recognize the Smush CDN, so it won’t lower the score because of it.

    Kind regards,

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