[Smush Pro] WP Smush CDN for mapped domains


We have about 80 websites on a WPMU and would like to benefit from the Smush Pro CDN.

When we develop a website, we use these URLs: https://www.magikweb.net/futurewebsite-com

And when they go live, we modify the site's URL to: https://www.futurewebsite.com

Everything is native (WPMU), there's no customizations, only the URL is changed and we point the DNS to the WordPress installation.

The CDN seems to apply to magikweb.net (root site) only.

That way, this site (subsite) works: https://www.magikweb.net/mclemieuxconferences-ca/

But not this one (other subsite): https://www.erictruchonphoto.com/

Is there a way (technical or not) to allow all sites' domain to access it?