Smush showing images pending for Smushing even after doing the smushing

I have a website on which I am facing an issue with Smush. It shows that I have images that needs smushing so I do it and then when I refresh the page, the indication to smush the images come back.

I cleaned the cache and also did a conflict test to no avail.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Hector

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    I think the issue here is not necessarily related to caching or bugs but rather to actually missing images on the site. There’s nearly 300 images reported over and over again and once I checked the Media Library itself I found out that there’s around that number (I didn’t count them precisely but it seems to be that) of images that are missing.

    By “missing” I mean a bit uncommon case though:

    If you switch the Media Library to the “list” view from the grid view and then sort the list by clicking on “Smush stats” column (you might need to do it twice to get proper sorting order) you will notice a list of files marked as “Not processed” (by Smush).

    If you look closer on the list you’ll see some .zip, pdf and docx files and those are skipped as they cannot be optimized. But the rest of the files are images, however they don’t have any thumbnails/previews etc. Closer check shows that there are “original images” but are missing all the thumbnails. Normally, those images, if they have proper entries in the database, should cause the warning from smush saying that the image cannot be found but the way they are listed in Media Library doesn’t look fine to me so that seems to be related here.

    What I’d try would be to try to regenerate thumbnails first and then run bulk smushing again. Regenerating thumbanils would bring back “unoptimized” images (so they’d need to be smushed again) back but should also re-create all the missing ones and if that’s indeed the issue, that should fix that and after smushing again it should be fine.

    Would you try that?

    There are some plugins for thumbnail regeneration, for example this one:

    Best regards,


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