[Smush, SmartCrawl, and Hummingbird] Little Help with Smush, SmartCrawl, and Hummingbird

Greetings. I am trying get Smush, SmartCrawl, and Hummingbird setup and working properly. I am converting from WP Super Cache, WP Optimize, and Yoast SEO.

I thought I enabled the CDN for Smush, but that is not working, The SmartCrawl "Run Checkup" never seems to complete (Please wait while we finish the checkup ...). And the page caching works for a short time then back to 3+ second waits for page loads.

I assume that I do not have these setup correctly. I followed the documentation.

Important to note: I have full access to the server SSH/WHM/CPanel. So the issues might be on that end. Not sure.