[Smush, SmartCrawl, and Hummingbird] Little Help with Smush, SmartCrawl, and Hummingbird

Greetings. I am trying get Smush, SmartCrawl, and Hummingbird setup and working properly. I am converting from WP Super Cache, WP Optimize, and Yoast SEO.

I thought I enabled the CDN for Smush, but that is not working, The SmartCrawl "Run Checkup" never seems to complete (Please wait while we finish the checkup …:wink:. And the page caching works for a short time then back to 3+ second waits for page loads.

I assume that I do not have these setup correctly. I followed the documentation.

Important to note: I have full access to the server SSH/WHM/CPanel. So the issues might be on that end. Not sure.