Smush support for azure blob storage

Thought I'd throw a request in regarding WP Smush.
It would be great if WP Smush could be extended to fully support using azure storage blobs for media storage. Recently the plugin designed for handling moving and hosting the media on blob storage has had a full rewrite and is now a solid plugin:

For the most part it actually works with WP Smush, but I just imported media from another server and some items hadn't been Smushed prior to uploading. I tried optimizing those items but when WP Smush tries to access the files on the local storage (I haven't turned on keep a local copy) it fails and creates the folder path to where the file should be locally.

It would be nice if it didn't create the folders or cleaned up at the end if the folders are empty (not critical). But it would be nice if it had a fall-back to the url (even if it's an option, "media hosted remotely") because the storage hooks are overloaded already so it would re-write the file to the correct place.

Anyway I'm making a few assumptions on how both plugins work but hopefully it isn't a massive investment for a potentially really good return for azure users.