Smushing images not optimizing enough

Hi. Ive tried Wp Smush Pro but still I cannot get optimised level as google page speed. Here is an example:

This is original file uploaded to wordpress:

As you see this is a 330kb image. After smush optimize checked with smush more option I get 280kb, but Google pagespeed insights serve me ~ 230kb.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Patrick,

    I no longer see mentioned image on your site - I wanted to double check everything. But what I see in Google Page Speed that message is about Compressing and resizing, and that means that images in big sizes (dimensions) are loaded to smaller wrappers and this what Google is reporting.
    So image of size 1200x900px is put in wrapper of size 600x400px and has smaller size by using CSS or html attributes.
    This is something that Google doesn't like - but also Smush can't fix because it depends on the theme what image size is served.
    If you theme allows you to select different image size for the carousel on the home page, then you can try selecting smaller image sizes and that should get better result in the Page Speed test.
    Let me know about the results

    kind regards,

  • Umesh Kumar

    Hey Patrick Pro,

    We've similar questions in the past, Google Pagespeed might show too much compression sometimes, and there are times as well when Smush might not achieve the desired compression because we have to maintain the quality while getting the maximum compression and that is all automated.

    Considering that, if google pagespeed is reporting that all your images still need better compression then there is definitely something we might have to look into.

    Apart from that, we're currently testing other compression methods to maximize the compression so that google is happy with your website. This came up a few weeks ago and we're testing it, so as soon as we've something better and tested we'll definitely update that for all the users.

    So stay hooked for updates in here, you might hear the news very soon.

    Thanks, Umesh

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