Smushing images seem to be broken.

After smushing images, they seem to be broken. It's only related to the PNG -> JPG related images as far as I can see. Images seem to be broken in the media library.
It happened right after smushing all images. Please help.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Ruud

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked your site and I think there are two partially separated issues here. First one is the image URL think. I read your chat and I know it's been suggested that you just replace URLs of images. That is necessary because while the PNG to JPEG conversion is cmpleted, filenames are changed so if a file gets a ".jpg" extension, and URL pointing to the same file with ".png" extension won't work.

    I know from chat that such change supposedly didn't work but I think it's only a matter of cache. On a /vossen page under the "Knikarmhoogwerker" header the first image on the slider seems to be working now - after clearing up the cache on site.

    I'd say then, replacing these URLs will help, even though you can't seem some of these images in Media Library. However, after doing replacements, you would have to go to "Hummingbird -> Dashboard" page and use "Clear cache" button there to clear all the cache on site (this button clears not only a "Page Cache" but also "Asset Optimization" cache, which is important due to the way Visual Composer may generate some important files).

    The other issue, though, is that some of these images are still not displayed in the Media Library. If you switch the back-end to English, they show up, but not in other languages and that points to the conflict with WPMU of which we were not aware yet. I have run some tests on my end and it that it's strictly related to WPML plugin.

    The WPML is somehow copying media (though I don't know exactly how this works "under the hood") files for translations and those are not properly processed. We need a developers' insight on this so I have already reported it to them as bug and they'll be looking into it.

    Kind regards,

  • Ruud

    Hi Adam,

    As the images are not visible for me in the media library this is quiet annoying. Any idea when this can be fixed?
    The image which seems to be working after clearing cache has been working all the time because it was originally a .jpg image. I would like to know how you can support getting the image library in all language properly and in which time scope.

    Thanks for looking into it, but as there is no solution yet I would really want to know what I can expect from WPMU.


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Ruud,

    Adam has created a report for this and forwarded it to our developers so they can check it out further.
    We can't really share any ETA at the moment because we're not sure if this is something that could be fixed from our end because the issue is specific to WPML and it might as well require the fix to be done from their end.

    My suggestion is to report this to WPML as well so they can check it out from their end and that might help to find the solution faster.

    Best regards,

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