Smushit processing for almost 48 hrs now

Hello - am trying to use your bulk feature and all 988 images were uploaded on Friday and I had to wait #18 in the queue for 23 hours. They started processing on Saturday and here we are Monday morning and it says it's still crunching the numbers. Is there any way someone can check to make sure these are being processed or what is happening? Does it really take this long to do a batch run? Also I noticed I have another 300 or so that it didn't select - I am assuming there was a limit for uploading?

I also cannot process any individual photos because I get an error saying "Oh Snap! Seems like Smush Pro server is not reachable, you can try back in some time." For $19 per month - I would think you could at least do one at time without having to wait for the server to be free.

Thanks for your help.