Snapsho Pro, how to restore a site.. with no files in the root.

I literally, accidently deleted all my files of my multisite, when I was deleting an ftp account for my multisite, I checked, delete files too.
Now. I have been waiting on my host to backup the files.. for a week, and have lost all my sites.
So I reinstalled a fresh WP in that folder on my server.. /
Then I uploaded my local wp-config.php so that it would be multisite again.
Then I added snapshot pro plugin from new wpmudev dashboard.
Then I went to snapshot on the dash..
I see the latest snapshot, and I click "restore."
But there is no "checkbox" to click to restore them...
Can somebody please help me restore these snapshots from my remote copies.

Thanks you sooo much, in advance!
And if you have any suggestions.. for me.. please do suggest. Thanks.