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Snapshot looks great, but I failed to find a mention of what would be the most important to me application - restore a WP site from dead.

I can think of too many possible scenarios: the site was hacked (so I need to wipe everything out myself first); a crappy plugin or theme was installed, and it messed up the whole site (so there's no such thing as a WP dashboard anymore); etc.

Will this plugin help me fully recover a WP website in the 2 scenarios above, and how exactly is this done (instructions will be very helpful)?

Thanks in advance!


  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub


    Here are the basic steps. These steps assume nothing has changed in the way of database prefixes, domains, etc. The database login is derived from the wp-config.php so that is allowed to change. And one final word SNAPSHOT DOES NOT SUPPORT MIGRATIONS.

    1. You would first need to reinstall your basic WordPress system.
    2. Then activate Snapshot.
    3. Once activated to to Snapshot > Settings. On this page is a section to scan for archives. This will look in the default snapshot folder on your local system (/wp-content/uploads/snapshots/) for any .zip file that looks like a Snapshot archive.
    4. Once the old archives have been imported you can then go to Snapshot > All Snapshots. Select the snapshot item to restore. The restore will restore database, files, etc as long as they were included in the archive.

    At the moment there is not an option to recover your system outside of WordPress. Not sure if this is even planned. Also, the steps are mostly for regular WordPress. For Multisite Snapshot only does a backup per blog. So you first need to reinstall a functional Multisite system first. Then restore the primary site since this includes the references to the blogs, users, etc. From there you can restore each blog snapshot.

  • worthsavvy
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    Hi Paul,

    I appreciate your quick and detailed reply.

    This method is what I also thought would be one way of doing it, so thanks for confirming/documenting it (may be a good idea to add to the official documentation).

    I can speculate that site migration and Multisite support will be very sought after features.

    Thanks again!


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