Snapshot 3.0 Beta Feedback


Was surprised and excited to see the Snapshot beta update yesterday, nice job! I've been playing around with it a little bit on a test site and have a few remarks and questions.

The design, where's the cool design style like Defender and Hummingbird have? Snapshot still looks a little old :grin: A minor point though.

I've tried excluding Hummingbird's cache folder by setting an exclusion on the options page, but Snapshot still backs it up regardless.

Will you add an option to auto backup more frequently than once a day? Like hourly backups or every 15 minutes. Could be useful for sites with content that changes all the time.

E-mail notifications, there are currently none. It would be great if we could get an e-mail when an auto backup was successful or if there was a problem.

When Snapshot is making a backup, you see the steps it's performing, but it isn't clear how many steps there are in total and wether or not you can navigate away from the page without interrupting the backup.

I'll probably think of more later :slight_smile: