Snapshot: Ability to keep settings even if you reinstall the plugin

After Snapshot re-install, the previous Snapshot settings are not kept and need to be re-configured. My previous settings were set to keep 40 backups files. After re-installing plugin, because of another issue, this configuration was lost and reset to the default value to keep 3 backups, something that I missed and lost all previous backups.

Please consider adding an option that stores these settings/preferences on the Hub, so these settings would be transferred upon Managed Backups activation

  • Peter
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Katya,

    not sure if putting this to a vote is a good idea.
    On reinstalling Snapshot this time I made sure the setting for how many backups to keep was set to 0 as soon as I had the chance - I lost all old backups. Again. And I was forced to reinstall Snapshot because it stopped working and didn't create the daily scheduled backups.

    As far as I am concerned this is dangerous and needs adressing. Snapshot is in charge of keeping data safe no matter what. This is far from safe currently.


    • James Morris
      • WordPress Enthusiast

      Hello Peter,

      I hope you are well today.

      At present, when deleting the plugin, a warning is prominently displayed notifying you that all plugin data will be deleted. So, for you to remove the plugin, you have to acknowledge that your data will be lost. Screenshot:

      If only disabling the plugin temporarily, the data and settings will be retained. Another option is to temporarily move the plugin and it's data (including backups) outside of your wp-config/plugins directory for troubleshooting purposes.

      A slightly more advanced option is to run a daily cron task on your server so that you make a redundant copy of your backups elsewhere on your server. As Schrodinger’s Law of Backups states:

      "The condition of any backup is unknown until you attempt a restore."

      Make sure your backups have backups.

      Here are a couple options you can use to use cron to backup your Snapshots to another folder:

      Also, you could use a remote Destination such as using a FTP account on your server but aimed at another folder outside your web root.

      Snapshot also has the option for Managed Backups, which are hosted on our servers and remain even after you deactivate and delete the plugin. These are not partial backups as in the local Snapshots, but full backups that can be restored in the event of a catastrophic failure.

      So, there are numerous options native to Snapshot to ensure that you always have viable backups to work from. :slight_smile:

      However, an option to export options and/or backups with configuration would be an excellent addition to this plugin. We've sent this suggestion to our Dev Team for consideration for future versions of this plugin.

      I hope this clarifies a bit.

      Best regards,

      James Morris

  • Peter
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi James,
    I had to revisit this issue.

    On reading the thread I realized that I was unclear on what backup method I was referring to. You suggested using managed backups as the solution to all my woes - and that's exactly where I have the issue. I have lost all my backups on your servers on multiple occasions now.

    The worst thing is that there is no way around losing the backups currently if for some reason you have to reinstall Snapshot. If this happens to you for the first time you will not expect this behaviour of the software. And even if you do know about it you will forget sometimes. So you won't make copies of the backups manually.
    And far more important than Schroedinger's law on backups is Murphy's law: if it can go wrong it will eventually.


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