Snapshot and Amazon S3

Hi, I was having some issues getting Snapshot to talk to Amazon S3 and then realised it seems to be to do with the location of the bucket. If I choose the standard EU (Ireland) location than I can choose that location in the dropdown and it works fine. However, if I choose the (I think new) London location and try to enter the location manually ( it doesn't work. Have I entered the location wrong or does the plugin not like the new location yet?

  • Jon
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks, I'm getting confused on this one – here's what I've just done.

    1. Set up two buckets – one in Ireland and one in London
    2. Set up two users to get credentials for accessing those buckets and set up policies for each granting access to the specific buckets.

    So the two buckets and users are identical in setup apart from the location of the bucket.

    On the Snapshot configuration the Ireland user can connect to the Ireland bucket with no issues. When I try with the London user / bucket I get this error...

    Connecting to AWS
    Using SSL: Yes
    Setting Region: other (
    Using Storage: Standard
    Using ACL: private
    Sending file to: Bucket: : Directory: ninefootone-backup-london/Error: Send file failed :400 :

    However, I've also tried to connect using Transmit (FTP software that has Amazon connection options). This works fine for Ireland but not for London. I wonder if there's therefore something more fundamentally wrong with either my settings or something at AWS that's stopping this. It seems that it might not be a Snapshot issue.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Jon,

    I'm trying to replicate this on my installation in order to see what's going on but I was unable to do so :slight_frown:

    Can you tell me if you tried any other locations, like EU Central to see if the issue happens with that as well?

    Also, does Ireland work for you if you if you enter the endpoint directly instead of selecting it from available options?

    Best regards,

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