snapshot and using restore to move site

Hi, I am using Snapshot, and I want to use it to move a site from one domain to another, or more prcisely from a demo server to the clients live server.

Do I just install a new WP on live server, then install Snapshot, then complete a restore using the most recent snapshot of the demo site?


  • Paul


    Let me explain our definition of the 'import'. So when you go to Snapshots > All Snapshots you see the listing of all know configurations for managing snapshot archive. In most cases you will only see one.

    When you run the 'import' option this simply loads the archive into the local snapshot system. This is not the same as the restore. Once you have run the import you then need to go to Snapshots > All Snapshots. If you hover over the archive name in the first column you should see the option to restore. Follow that process which is similar to the backup process. You will be able to select which tables and files sections to restore.

    Let us know if you get stuck of have other questions.

  • Paul


    Similar response to my reply to Rob. This is a two-step process. First you need to import the archive from S3. Then you need to perform the restore.

    If you go to Snapshots > Import you will see an input field where you can enter a URL of a remote file. Since you mentioned S3 you need to first make sure the file on S3 is set to be publicly visible. You need to do this via the S3 console. There you can also obtain the URL for the archive file. Once you have the URL paste it into the input fields on the Snapshot Import screen and submit the form. This will pull in the S3 archive into the snapshot environment. Once this complete you should go back to your S3 console and mark the archive as private.

    Next you should go to Snapshots > All Snapshots and there you should see the archive in the listing. If you hover the archive name in the first column you will see the 'restore' option. Follow the screens..

    Let us know if you get stuck of have other questions.

  • Rob


    Many thanks for that.

    So what you are saying is that.

    From Website 1 I take a snapshot of all files, folder and database tables.
    This for me is uploaded to DropBox.
    Then on new website/server called Website 2/Server 2 I install a new WP site.
    Then install Snapshot plugin
    Then import Snapshot generated from Website 1
    Then once import is completed, go to the Snapshot and click on 'Restore'?

    IF that is so, then it all seems fairly straight forward :slight_smile:

  • Paul


    You have it mostly correct. But you will need to tweak the Dropbox logic in your steps. By default when Snapshot uploads an archive to your Dropbox account it is stored into a private location.

    On the new site where you will be running the restore it does not know (yet) how to connect to your primate Dropbox account. So this means on Dropbox you need to copy the archive to a public folder first. From that public folder you can then acquire the public URL to the archive which can then be used for the import.

    We will be adding support for the import to connect to the same remote connection just the archive creation process. But in this version it is what it is.

    Also, just thinking more on this if you are moving a development site from your host or local environment it might be quicker to use the FTP connection. Using FTP you can push the archive from your development system directly to the new sit server and directly into the snapshot a uploads folder. Once there you simply need to submit the blank import form on the new site.

  • Paul


    ...but if using DropBox means I cannot restore from DropBox, I might as well create a snapshot to FTP then restore from same FTP?

    This is up to you.

    You can restore from Dropbox but the process is not a single step. Per my previous reply once the the push the archive to Dropbox you then need to manually copy/move it to a public folder within your account. Once that is done you then can grab the public URL of the archive on Dropbox and paste it into the Snapshots > Import field.

    I do a lot of local website development and need to push to remote client servers. So instead of jumping through multiple steps using Dropbox I personally would just setup a destination to use FTP to go directly from my development localhost into the client server. Once the archive is pushed by Snapshot from your development system to the live server all you need to do it run the import (no need to enter a URL for the remote archive). When the import form is submitted it will look into the local server directory wp-content/uploads/snapshots/ for any new archives to import.

  • RavanH

    Hi guys, I notice this thread is closed so please tell me if I need to open a new one :slight_smile: even if this is related:

    I tried the new Restore Bog Options feature to clone an existing site within the same network. All tables seem to have been copied correctly but all media files are missing. These are the steps I took:

    1. made a snapshot of one blog (including all db tables and media files)
    2. create a fresh new site
    3. clicked the Restore link for that snapshot
    4. under Restore Bog Options I set the new site under "Will be restored to"
    5. made sure the Restore All Files option was checked
    6. hit Restore Snapshot

    I did not receive any error messages during the restore process but the result is a full media library list on the new site but the images themselves are missing... Judging from the 130MB size of the snapshot zip file, the images were included during the export.

    Anyone notice this too or is this a bug specific to my Nginx server setup?

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