Snapshot backup takes forever.

While doing the Files backup after 14% it gets stuck and takes forever. After quite a bit of time, it gives the following error.

"An unknown response returned from Snapshot backup attempt. Aborting. Double check Snapshot settings."

Please help.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Big ted,

    Hope you're doing well.

    I accessed your site in order to do some tests and while checking your site admin, without actually doing anything, your site was inaccessible and I was getting ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED for a couple of minutes, and then it started working again.

    After that, I've created a couple of backups and it seems that the process is working fine as I was able to create a backup of your themes, plugins and database, and it only failed when trying to backup your media files.
    I tried excluding some folders where backups failed like these ones /2015/12, /2016/07, /2017/04 but it still kept failing on other ones.

    Based on this the issue is that your server is unable to handle a number of requests required to backup your entire site.
    I would suggest checking if you have any large files in your uploads folder and remove them if they are not in use, and contact your hosting provider so they can check server logs to see which resources have been maxed during the backup process and ask them to increase those.

    Best regards,

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