Snapshot breaks at segments

Snapshot will not finish the backup.

Snapshot with "only tables" will work.

Snapshot with all other files, brake

"table: wp_tve_leads_event_log segment: 128/176" from logfile

See logfiles

Best regards from Bavaria

Manfred :slight_smile:

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi there Manfred_Huber

    Hope all is well in Bavaria and welcome to the community !

    This looks like a classic case of not enough memory available for Snapshot to complete. Can you increase the memory allocated to WP as shown here please ? Set it to something like 512 MB.

    Also please check with your web host if they have anything in place that automatically kills off any long running processes.



  • Manfred_Huber
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi, new problem,

    the web host admin told me, it is not allwed to leave the CPU seconds so high. (10 minutes)

    He mentioned, this plugin is not so good for shared hosting.

    I should not use it :slight_frown: Or migrate to an own Server.

    In my opinion, my webside is a small side.

    In the past, I used UpdraftPlus and it worked well.

    But snapshot is easier to handle for me, if it works.

    One Idea, what if i make two snapshots.

    One for database tables and a nother for the files.

    If I do a restore, will it work? And what to recover first?

    Best regards

    Manfred :slight_smile:

  • Mike Wiesman
    • WP Jockey

    Manfred_Huber, I’ve run into this on a few of my smaller sites that I have hosted in a shared hosting environment.

    A couple things that I have do to get SnapShot Pro working;

    – Change the PHP version to anything besides the “default”. In my case, 5.4 (native) is the default. I change that to 5.6. (Tried php7 and it breaks sites faster than a Bull in a china shop)

    – Change the max execution time to 240

    – Change the memory to 512MB

    – In the SnapShop settings sometimes the pic archive works, but I have had better luck with the Zip option on shared hosting.

    I don’t know if you are going to be able to change all those setting on your host, but I wanted to offer my experience.

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