Snapshot Destination & Managed Backups

I was wondering if it's possible to have some sites in my Dashboard use the Snapshot Managed Backups while other use the destination(Dropbox) backup? I would like to backup my small sites to the managed backup, but the larger ones to Dropbox.

Thank you,

edit: Also, is it possible to get more than 10gb of backup space?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello David,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your questions!

    On Multisite setup Snapshot can be used in these ways:

    1. "Managed Backup"

    It would backup your entire Multisite to your WPMU DEV account cloud storage.

    2. Snapshots ("Snapshot -> Snapshots")

    These can only be setup "per site" so you can create as many snapshots as you wish, e.g. for selected sub-sites or even more than a single one for each sub-site and point them to different destination (from those you created on "Snapshot -> Destinations") page.

    Both these option can only be used from "Network Admin -> Dashboard" and set by super-admin.

    Also, is it possible to get more than 10gb of backup space?

    Currently there's only 10GB available and once the data hits the storage limits oldest backups are removed to make space for newest ones. Most likely we'll make it possible in future to get more space "per request" (either as an additional paid space or in some other form) but I'm not able to give you any details or ETA yet.

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