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is there any setting which will delete created zip file backup after it's upload to an external FTP server or better will create the zip on the remote server only?

I have a website about 300 MB, I want to backup it twice in a month, automatically, to my remote server. The problem is that every time it creates a backup it exceeds my web-hosting quota which is 500 MB. Temporary maybe not an issue, but I have to go and delete the created archive to get it back to 300 MB... so I have to think about it and do it manually which is a shame and not the purpose of automatic backup, right? Could you tell me, how to avoid those problems?

Thanks a lot!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Karlina,

    I hope you have a great day today!

    I can understand your concerns but currently it's not possible to completely disable "local" storage for Snapshot. This is due to technical reasons that may be difficult (if not impossible) to override.

    The only way to limit the size of space occupied by snapshots (snapshot archives) would be to limit the number of local archives to be kept. To do this, please go to "Snapshots -> All Snapshots" page in your dashboard and edit each of your Snapshots:

    - scroll down to "When to Archive" section
    - at the bottom of it set value of "1" for the "Maximum number of local archives"

    Do not set it to "0" as this would make snapshot keep all created archives. The logic behind is:

    - snapshot creates archive (on local storage/server)
    - uploads it to the destination
    - when time comes snapshot creates new archive and in case the "Maximum number of local archives" is set to "1" it removes previous archive.

    Plugin has to create these local copies because destinations such as Google Drive, Dropbox and even S3 requires to use their API to upload files. As per analogy: if you're using Dropbox app on your computer, you probably know that already that it also stores files locally apart from keeping them in-sync with copies in the cloud.

    The only workaround for this would be if you could "map" external storage to your server on OS level. You could then set path to it in "Directory (optional)" field of "Where to save the Archive" section of the Snapshot configuration. That'd however require full access to serve shell (so VPS or Dedicated server) and another storage space available on the net. Therefore, unless you're running your own servers buying some more space from your hosting provider would make more economical sense :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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