Snapshot does not allow a restore if WP needs to be re-installed

I had to re-install my WP site today as a WP update to the newest version failed (my fault for not having set correct access permissions in the WP directory prior to running the update).

My hope was that a Snapshot backup could easily be used to re-install my theme, content and theme settings. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to do this. Snapshot only seems to be able to restore content within the WP installation in which Snapshot was originally configured.

I tried (and failed)

– using the same DropBox folder I used previously

– uploading the archive ZIP to the WP/Uploads folder

In the end, I was glad that I did a regular export prior to breaking my WP (something I do prior to applying any major update) and I was able to re-import my content. However, this sort of defeats the purpose of snapshot, which at first seemed like a great plugin.

Right now, Snapshot only seems useful if I delete my content and need to restore it.