Snapshot doesn't create backup

Hi. I have installed Snapshot on a website, but the backup doesn't run when scheduled or when 'run now' is clicked. No details are shown in the Archives column on the All Snapshots page. There are no error messages displayed (even when WP_DEBUG is set to true). The Server Info shown under Settings is:

WordPress Version 3.5
PHP Version 5.2.17
MySQL Version 5.0.96
Is Multisite No
WP_CRON Snapshot uses WP_CRON to run automated backups. If you have disabled WP_CRON via your wp-config.php you will not be able to schedule snapshots.
WP_CRON Enabled.
_SESSION Snapshot uses _SESSIONS to store temporary information about database tables and files during the backup and restore processing. Sessions are a default part of PHP.
Session save path: /tmp
Session save path is a valid directory.
Session save path is writeable.
Folder Permissions Writable (0755) – /wp-content/uploads/snapshots
Writable (0755) – /wp-content/uploads/snapshots/_backup
Writable (0755) – /wp-content/uploads/snapshots/_locks
Writable (0755) – /wp-content/uploads/snapshots/_logs
Writable (0755) – /wp-content/uploads/snapshots/_restore
PHP runtime information
Display Errors 1
Error Reporting 4983 - E_ERROR, E_WARNING
Magic Quotes 1
Max Execution Time (seconds) 180 The value displayed can be adjusted by Snapshot PHP scripts.
Memory Limit 40M - WP_MEMORY_LIMIT defined by WordPress wp-config.php.
Open Basedir Off
Running PHP in Safe Mode Off
ZLib Compression Off

  • Paul

    @wpuser, Well Snapshot scheduling does work. As mentioned in various places on the Snapshot pages it used the build-in WP_Cron system to handle the scheduling. Chances are you don't have front-end traffic to kick off the WP_Cron scheduler which in turn initiates the call to Snapshot to run the backup.

    So try this. Go to the main All Snapshots listing. Pick one of the snapshot items check the column for 'Interval'. Generally for scheduled items you will see Next: and some date time. This is when WP_Cron says the snapshot backup function will be called. If the date/time has passed then the schedule was missed. Click on snapshot name. Go do to the When to Archive setting. Assumed you selected hourly. Below the interval dropdox you should see another dropbox to select the minute of the hour to run. select 2-3 minutes in the future of your current

    server time
    Then save the snapshot item. Yo are returned back to the All Snapshots listing.

    Now immediately open a new browser/tab for your front-end. Prefer a new window so you can switch windows easier. keep refreshing the home page. and keep refreshing the snapshot listing listing. Check the time in the upper right of the snapshot listing which shows your current server time. When the minute is reached it should start snapshot.

  • wpuser

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the reply. I've followed the steps above a few times but the backup still hasn't run. I'm using Snapshot on a few other websites with no traffic, and refreshing the home page as you describe does indeed kick off the process and the backup is saved to the server or to Dropbox right away on those sites.

    The 'All Snapshots' page still displays as attached - with the time in the past and no details in the archive column.

    I've tried Snapshot on another blog on the same server and the results are the same. Is there anything I need to ask the web hosting provider to check?

    There is enough memory and all permissions seem to be correct; there are still no errors displayed.

    Many thanks.

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