Snapshot doesn't really create a snapshot

Hi There,

I set up Snapshot in the Network Admin of my WPMU. I am using FTP connection to upload the file to. FTP connection test was succesfull, credentials are ok. Than i added a Snapshot and set it to run but the Snapshot file shows 0kb. Tried the same procedure several times. I don't get why it won't create a snapshot.
i am creating a snapshot from the core blog wp blog id 1. Also other snapshots don't result in a proper backup.
The connection from webserver to ftp server is in a fast connection datacenter. When sending files from webserver to backup ftp server that is at high speed rates.

Thanks in advance.

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @Andr? Kager

    Than i added a Snapshot and set it to run but the Snapshot file shows 0kb.

    Is the snapshot archive on your local server 0kb or on the remote destination?

    How Snapshot works is first the archive is created locally. Then there is a secondary process to send the archive to the remote system.

    Can you FTP to your server where WordPress is running. Go to /wp-content/uploads/snapshot/ In that folder you should see the .zip archives created by Snapshot.

  • André Kager
    • Flash Drive

    0kb on the remote machine.
    currently i see only 2 snapshot files from +/- 100mb in that folder from 5 days ago. I have set a job to run daily to ftp.

    I just started a snapshot to local drive with the following error:
    ERROR: PcLZIP file:media/snapshots/_locks add failed -10: Unable to go to the end of the archive 'C:disappointed:HostingSpaces/akager/' [code -10]
    I would expect that on a local disk the snapshot creation would not be a problem. I didn't change the directory so i would expect it to save in the default folder.
    There is enough free space on the webservers hdd, fyi also on the ftp location for the other task.

    Teh rsnapshot task to remote ftp seems to have run this morning since the date of the file has changed. the size is still 0KB.

    Local creation seems to be the problem.

  • André Kager
    • Flash Drive

    I excluded the "snapshot" folder in global exclusions. After this the creation of snapshot including files succeeds.
    I wonder why the plugin doesn't exclude the default snapshot folder if that value is left to default. I asume when backing up to default folder snapshot there will be locked files inside that folder that can't be read?

    Files on remote FTP still 0KB. I will check if that is the same with the changes in global exclusions.

    Can you tell me if i should keep described global exclusion?

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    Andr? Kager,

    Is it possible to restore as following for example:
    snapshot blog id 1
    restore to blog id 7
    In this case it would be possible to clone a site with snapshot module. I didn't find a setting to do so, i hope it can do the job...

    No. Cloning and or any moving of sites is not supported. Sorry. We are working on it but have other tasks in front.

    As for the needing exclude the 'snapshot' folder this should be in the current logic. Thought from the path it appears you are running on Windows. So not 100% sure the code is properly handling that. will need to test this under a Windows environment.

    As for the 0kb file on the remote server it sounds like this might be related to FTP settings. I know you write that you can FTP to the remote server using the test connection. Which FTP option are you using?

  • André Kager
    • Flash Drive

    I was using FTP. I have now chosen passive ftp, the plugin seems to be more comfortable with that since now it has uploaded files to the ftp site. For what reason that is i don't know since with Filezilla for example i use FTP to the server without passive mode and it works just fine. Never the less, my core interest is that files are backed up and uploaded.

    Yes i am using Windows which was already some job to get the Multisite running properly. I use:
    Windows 2008 R2 Web edition
    WordPress Version 3.5.1
    PHP Version 5.2.17
    MySQL Version 5.1.66
    Some GB of Ram and a lot of free GB on Hdd.
    Dedicated IP for the Multisite
    Subfolder Network

    It must have to do with the "snapshot" folder that wasn't handled properly by the plugin on the windows install. Afterwards no errors anymore.
    Wordpress is sad enough still very Linux oriented although the price gap between Linux and Windows hosting is not that big anymore. We prefer Windows over Linux since we prefer to offer Microsoft services also. And of course the ease of use. I didn't want to spent time to setup WPMU on a Linux environment and i think more people don't.

    Thanks for the help so far!

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    Andr? Kager,

    Oh great. So you are now seeing your files on the remote server via FTP? Yeah, you have to realize comparing an PHP based FTP solution is far removed from a proper application like Filezilla. The Filezilla application and others of its sort are far more flexible in terms of conforming to the FTP protocol. The PHP based FTP is very rigid.

    That being said what else do you need help with? Appears you have a working solution.

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